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Salsa Verdes

Salsa Verdes

Salsa Verdes brings a grand variety of Mexican flavors to the table. Flavors from Yucatan, southern regions and northern regions are flawlessly brought together to make dishes that are familiar to people of the south bay. The various regions of Mexico are represented through each dish, laboriously made from scratch. A central theme throughout Latin cuisine is the amount of time, love and passion that is poured into the cooking. Each dish at Salsa Verdes is always handcrafted, and never prepackaged. Recipes and cooking techniques have been refined over the course of several generations; and, the culmination of this is exhibited right here at Salsa Verdes. 

Meet the Chef



Chef Rafael Solorzano has been in the restaurant industry for over 35 years. Under the guidance of some of the most talented chefs in the nation, he has accrued great amounts of culinary knowledge spanning across various cuisines. Having worked in many prestigious restaurants, he has developed a keen sense for the industry and eventually opened his own restaurant in the South bay. Since then, he has personally opened and managed six restaurants. 

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